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Preserving Greendale's Past for the Future

The Greendale Historical Society has been digging in and working to preserve our past through our Archive Team. This project has been ongoing for over a year now, and the team has been making great progress! We look forward to bringing you a Digital Museum soon.

Do you want to join in this project? Old (artifacts) and new (members) are warmly welcome to join the Society Archive Team. Visit us at the Welcome Center, 5680 Broad Street,, or call 414.421.1938.

Take a look at recent articles where Greendale and the Greendale Historical Society were featured! Click each of the images below to view the articles in a new window.


Happy Holidays

The Past Makes a Great Present

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If you prefer to purchase by phone or email, please include the title of the books you'd like to order, quantity, your name, full address, and a phone number for us to contact you to collect your credit card information. We can be reached at 414-421-1938 (leave a message) or

Looking for that special little gift that is meaningful and supports your community? Please consider a donation to the Greendale Historical Society at any dollar value as a gift to your friends, family, or yourself!

Celebrate Greendale's 85th Birthday with Us!

Take a Look!

Happy 85th Birthday to Greendale! Enjoy a gander at the Summer edition of Life in the Village celebrating Greendale's 85th. Check out the Greendale Historical Society article on pages 34-45. 

Summer 2023 Life in the Village Magazine - View Here

Historical Society Article - View Here

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GHS Page.png
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Come Stay With Us!

Need a little stay-cation, having family in town for the holidays, Village Days, or one of our other fun celebrations? We have the perfect solution to allow your friends, family, or yourself to stay right here in Greendale. The 5597 House on Apple Court was renovated to be a living, breathing historical home. Book your stay today!

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