A Greendale Original:

Refreshed & Renewed

Three years ago, this was a mere idea. Now, this little Greendale Original is almost restored to its original 1930s glory.

This project has come a long way, but we still need your help, especially for the future. Please consider how you can join us to Plant the Future.


In 1936, Greendale’s founders planted apple, pear, and cherry trees throughout the Village. Some remain as a reminder of the Great Depression. Planting is symbolic: opening the ground; placing a tiny seed; laying a protective earthen cover – all small acts of hope and faith in the future. Your donation that we “plant” today will yield results in the future.

Our yard is small, but our plans are big. Your donation will help plant the seeds for the long-term sustainability of the house with our special Apple Court Endowment Fund.
Please join us and Plant the Future on Apple Court. Your help now will ensure that the Apple Court House is there in the future with your donation today. We will continue to exercise careful financial stewardship,
diligently manage costs, and maximize the value of this project. Your donation is vital to the continuation of our fundraising efforts to speed debt reduction and plan for the future. 

This house is a living tribute that benefits present and future generations. Apple Court will be your legacy for decades to come as you become part of the restoration story of our Greendale Original. It's also a unique way to celebrate a special person, life event, or memorialize a loved one through a legacy pledge.


All Plant the Future donors will be invited to a tree planting event at Apple Court, emblematic of your donation, later this year.

Plant the Future

Please join us and Plant the Future on Apple Court. Your help now will ensure that the Apple Court House is there in the future with your donation today. 

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Want to support the Plant the Future initiative but volunteering is more your thing? Click this button to share how you would like to volunteer. We appreciate all the skills our volunteers bring! We'll work together to ensure that the Apple Court House is here for all generations to come.

We invite you to help renovate the 5597 Apple Court Original home with your pledge of financial support or as a volunteer. If you would prefer to mail a donation please send it to:

Greendale Historical Society

5680 Broad Street, Greendale, WI 53129

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