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What a Surprise!

At our November Membership Meeting in 2021 we were privileged to have an anonymous member state they would donate $l5,000 on the spot if the members would then make up the remaining $15,000 that day in the room to pay off the House at Apple Court mortgage. Just that happened and actually turned into an additional $16,500 pledged that day. Along with the members' spontaneous donations, we have now paid off the entire mortgage.


Our Society now owns 5597 Apple Court — free and clear — and recently at our July Membership Meeting, we celebrated with a "Burning the Mortgage" picnic. It was a special treat with members overflowing to the Historic Hose Tower patio during the presentation. It was a good time had by all. Thank you everyone for your continued and generous support! 

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Thanks to the generosity of our members!

Photos from July 2022 Membership Meeting with our Mortgage Burning and Picnic

Financial Information from July 2022 Membership Meeting

During our recent meeting, we provided a financial update. If you'd like to view please click to download below.

Financial Report as of June 2022
(click the PDF icon to download)

Original House Image.jpg
Apple Court Kitchen - 1.jpeg

Come Stay With Us!

Need a little stay-cation, having family in town for the holidays, Village Days, or one of our other fun celebrations? We have the perfect solution to allow your friends, family, or yourself to stay right here in Greendale. The 5597 Apple Court House was renovated to be a living, breathing historical home. Book on Vrbo or Airbnb to travel back in time and stay a while in this Greendal original Original.

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