A Greendale Original:

Refreshed & Renewed

Two years ago, this was a mere idea. Now in this crazy year that is 2020, this little Greendale Original is becoming refreshed and renewed.

As of Fall 2020, the outside of 5597 Apple Court is sealed up, doors snugly shut, and the house has a fresh coat of paint. All this work has been achieved with generous donations and with many hours from our very dedicated volunteers.

Next up, we will be refinishing the floors in the kitchen and living room. Then also looking to furnish rooms and bring the house to life through all the little details. A Spring 2021 Grand Opening is being planned.

This project has come a long way, but we still need your help, especially for the future. You can become part of The 5597 Apple Court Founder's Club. 

As a Founder, you can be a Benefactor, Provider, Sustainer, and/or a Supporter. These different levels, allow you to make reoccurring donations ensuring the sustainability of the 5597 Apple Court House for generations to come. Each level represents a payment that the Society makes to keep the House in good repair.

Come along and join the Founders Club!

Join the Fonder's Club

 These different levels of support, allow you to make reoccurring donations ensuring the Apple Court House is sustainable for generations to come.

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5597 Apple Court  House - Fall 2020

We invite you to help renovate the 5597 Apple Court Original home with your pledge of financial support or as a volunteer. If you would prefer to mail a donation please send it to:

Greendale Historical Society

5680 Broad Street, Greendale, WI 53129

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