The Greendale Historical Society Purchases Historic Original

The Greendale Historical Society has purchased the house at 5597 Apple Court. The sale was completed on Thursday, May 30th. The Society bought the house for $70,000 from Milwaukee County who had owned it since 2017. Renovations are to begin soon after the closing date. 


This house is a very original, Original Greendale home. The last family lived there as renters for many years and then as owners since 1952 when all of Greendale was sold by the federal government. Many of the 1930’s features typical of these classic homes such as wood-beamed ceilings, metal kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, and clay tile roofs remain in this house which was the second one built in all of Greendale. It’s an ‘A’ section classic!


A fund-raising campaign is in progress. Our goal is to raise $195,000 which includes the purchase price, renovations, improvements, and appropriate furnishings. The house will then be open as a showcase and for other special uses. To date, $34,000 has been donated by members and friends of the Society. 


Society President Robb Nowak said “This is a big, important project for us and the entire community. Many current residents may not realize the historic importance of these homes which are part of Greendale’s National Historic Landmark status. The house needs your help!”

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Apple Court Mission Statement

The original house at 5597Apple Court, Greendale, Wisconsin is owned by the Greendale Historical Society, a non-profit corporation. The operation of this property will promote understanding and appreciation of the history of Greendale, a National Historic Landmark. This will be accomplished by the restoration and preservation of the Apple Court House and by collecting, exhibiting, interpreting, and sharing the house, pertinent artifacts, and other items that illuminate Greendale’s history and heritage with local, regional, and other visitors of all ages.

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5597 Apple Court in this undated photo. This colorized version depicts how the home might look after Society renovations

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