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Memorial Donation

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Bill Kewan served on the Greendale Historical Society board in various capacities over the years. We deeply appreciate his dedication and the countless hours he volunteered to support our organization. We mourn the loss of our friend and extend our heartfelt condolences to his wife, Donna, and all his family. Memorial donations will be used in a manner that is appropriate and fitting for his legacy.


Come Take a Ride on the Diamond T!

Recently, the Diamond T was hired by Don Gillingham and family for a tour of historic Greendale. He was a member of the first graduating class of Greendale High School in 1950.


Highlights of the tour included the location of the family farm on South 76th Street and the Middle School which was the High School in 1950. 

Driver Ted Mainella was amazed at their interest and knowledge of Greendale's history. Patricia told a tale of when Don was 9 or 10. He used his trusty slingshot to shatter the glass lamp post on his street. As a lesson for his "crime" she said Don had to "turn himself in to the Greendale police." Playing along with the lesson, Chief Bruett escorted Don to the holding cell and shut the door. "That ended his life of crime!" said Pat.


Members of the family stayed two nights in the House on Apple Court which is similar to their Angle Lane Original.  The family now resides in Montana and are regular visitors to Greendale.


Would you like to rent the Diamond T for a historical ride? Call 414-421-1938 or email for more information.


Preserving Greendale's Past for the Future

The Greendale Historical Society has been digging in and working to preserve our past through our Archive Team. This project has been ongoing for over a year now, and the team has been making great progress! We look forward to bringing you a Digital Museum soon.

Do you want to join in this project? Old (artifacts) and new (members) are warmly welcome to join the Society Archive Team. Visit us at the Welcome Center, 5680 Broad Street,, or call 414.421.1938.

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Come Stay With Us!

Need a little stay-cation, having family in town for the holidays, Village Days, or one of our other fun celebrations? We have the perfect solution to allow your friends, family, or yourself to stay right here in Greendale. The 5597 House on Apple Court was renovated to be a living, breathing historical home. Book your stay today!

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