On November 25th, 2017 Greendale Historical Society hosted the “LEGO in the Village” event at the Historic Greendale Welcome Center.

It was a wonderful success and we appreciate all who came out to support the Society by purchasing and building a LEGO Greendale Original. The 60+ piece sets were designed by Paul Wellington who also joined us at this event with his amazing LEGO mini-city display. It was impressive!

Kids and adults alike had a great time! Each person built a mini Greendale Original House in white bricks with red accents. It was a fun, action-packed few hours at the Welcome Center. Kids could also enjoy some free-building LEGO fun while taking in the latest LEGO movie. Paul, our designer extraordinaire, shared tips, tricks, and chatted with the kids about their LEGO creations. It was a dynamic day!

It was so much fun, the Society plans to organize another event in 2018. Keep an eye on our website to find out about more LEGO in the Village events including a pre-registration process once the event date is chosen. Or, opt in now to keep up-to-date on the latest LEGO in the Village news. Go to: http://bit.ly/LEGOGreendale and we’ll keep you aware of upcoming events. We’re excited to host another LEGO event soon and can’t wait to keep building on this brick-by-brick success!

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