About Us

Greendale Historical Commission was created under Greendale Village Ordinance #453 on April 2, 1974. It was given the responsibility of establishing an affiliated local historical society pursuant to Sec. 44.03 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Original commission members were Eileen Campbell, Bernice Dobner, Victor Jacoby, Marian Krosher, Marilyn LaPota, Marilyn Shepard, William Poglitsch and Quentin Zillig.

Incorporation papers were filed with the State Historical Society of Wisconsin and The Greendale Historical Society was approved for affiliation with the State.

The first meeting of the Society was held February 2, 1976. The Village Board meeting of March 16, 1976, further stated in its minutes that it was the consensus of the Committee on Public Welfare and Safety that the Society assumes the functions of the Commission, with the Commission to be activated if the arrangement is not workable.

The Society has henceforth coordinated, preserved and cared for all materials with historic interest illustrative of the history of Greendale.

The Village Library was designated as being the repository of these materials and graciously accepted the responsibility. The archival area has seen frequent use by researchers and writers.

The mission of the Greendale Historical Society is to preserve and foster appreciation of Greendale, Wisconsin, one of only three American Greenbelt communities.

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